B+LNZ Farm Plan Introduction: Small Block Holders | Beef + Lamb New Zealand

B+LNZ Farm Plan Introduction: Small Block Holders

This interactive workshop will introduce you to the B+LNZ Farm Plan: Environment Module and specifically the value of integrated farm planning to small block holders.

The Farm Planning: Introduction – your farm, risks, and actions workshop supports the development of an active (written) farm plan.

It includes documenting key farm resources, opportunities, management of risks, implementing actions and the framework for monitoring and reviewing farm plans.

This event is in conjunction with Mangatangi Maramarua Catchment Inc.




When attending a B+LNZ field day please ensure you have clean footwear and vehicles are not carrying fresh muck or vegetation. This will help reduce the risk of spreading weeds, pests and diseases onto our host farms and across our country. To stay clean, we need to be clean.