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B+LNZ Farm Plan Environment Module Workshop 2: Dipton

Workshop 2 provides further detail and support to farmers who have completed Workshop 1. It’s designed to help farmers refine their farm map records, understand their Land Management Units, and define their response and implementation plans. If you have any questions about attending this workshop, please contact your local B+LNZ Extension Manager.


This workshop will help farmers to record and document their farm plans, once they’ve started their farm planning journey.

It covers:

  • completing the mapping of features and refining Land Management Units following assessment on-farm
  • defining the strengths, weaknesses, uses and management of those Land Management Units
  • reviewing stocking policies and land use in relation to the Land Management Units
  • identifying actions to address risks while meeting farm, and catchment or community, goals
  • developing an implementation plan including ongoing monitoring of actions and the outcomes from implementing the plan.

Attending this workshop will assist you to refine the environment module of your farm plan - and position you well for future consumer or regulatory requirements.

What to bring?

Make sure you bring along your farm maps and templates from previous workshops – we’ll remind you of this in the confirmation email.


Registrations are essential.


Please email Theresa.Laws@beeflambnz.com if you are having any problems registering.  

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COVID-19 event protocols

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The outbreak of Mycoplasma bovis has highlighted the importance of on-farm biosecurity. When attending a B+LNZ field day please ensure you have clean footwear and vehicles are not carrying fresh muck or vegetation. This will help reduce the risk of spreading weeds, pests and diseases onto our host farms and across our country. To stay clean, we need to be clean.