B+LNZ Farm Environment Plan Workshop: Gisborne

This workshop will help you understand your farm's unique natural resources and develop a plan to remain productive while putting actions in place to manage any potential risks to the environment.

Using Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s Farm Environment Planning Toolkit, you’ll get specialist assistance to assess the potential impact your farm has on your surrounding environment and develop actions to manage these risks.

On the day

Morning tea and lunch provided.

Please advise if you have any dietary requirements. 

What to bring

  • 3 copies of your farm map or aerial photo of your farm.
  • A recent nutrient budget (If you do not already have one check with your Fertiliser Company for help  with this, if you can’t obtain one by the day you can still attend).
  • Any previous Land Environment Plans you have completed.
  • Any other information you may have that will help set up your FEP (recent soil tests or fertiliser recommendations, or visit http://www.farmmenus.org.nz/home-2/).


Registration essential.

Please register to Penny Munro (B+LNZ): penny.munro@beeflambnz.com

Find out more

For further information please contact Colin Tyler on 021 529 146