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B+LNZ Catchment Group E-Forum Series

You’re invited to Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s Catchment Group e-Forum series held in February, March and April 2022.

Hear from experts about the legalities of catchment community groups, how to tell your story and maintaining momentum.


1) Tuesday 15 February, 12–1pm: The Legalities with Norris Ward McKinnon

This session will cover the different formal structures catchment groups may consider using and the pros and cons of using a formal structure or not. It will also include a discussion on responsibilities for those involved in formal structures and include a Q&A session with Barbara McDermott and Chris Steenstra from law firm Norris Ward McKinnon.

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2) Tuesday 15 March, 1–2pm: Telling the Story – Sally Rae and Rowena Duncam

This session will cover telling your catchment story and will include advice from our experienced panelists Rowena Duncam (The Country) and Sally Rae (Otago Daily Times) on how to get the best from different media sources and how best to engage with the media and your audience.


3) Tuesday 12 April, 12–1pm: Maintaining momentum

Join our panel of catchment group leaders to discuss how to keep momentum within a group. They will provide some background as to how their groups have evolved, what has and hasn’t worked for them and the elements that help a group set a good vision.


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