B+LNZ Catchment Community Workshop:Te Akau | Beef + Lamb New Zealand

B+LNZ Catchment Community Workshop:Te Akau

The Catchment Community invite you to join them and help build on the group's momentum.

Becoming part of a farmer-led Catchment Community group is one of the most powerful actions farmers can take to positively influence the environment.  Come along to our B+LNZ Catchment Community workshop to find out how you could benefit by being part of a group.  The workshop is open to everyone and will help your group identify your vision and start forming a plan to realise that vision. 

Lunch provided.

The workshop covers:

  • The what and why of Catchment Community Groups  .
  • What makes groups tick?  
  • Group structure.
  • Forming a plan – the Catchment Action Cycle  
  • The coordinator’s role.

Come along to learn more.