B+LNZ’s Catchment Community E-Forum: Part 2

Have you considered joining or setting up a Catchment Community? Come and join our Catchment Community e-forum from the comfort of your own home.

As part of B+LNZ's Catchment Community Programme to support farmers in taking a leadership role to establish or run a catchment, B+LNZ is running another catchment e-forum with catchment leaders giving their expertise.

The first catchment e-forum proved popular with farmers looking to establish or in the early stages of running a catchment group. Therefore, the second e-forum will focus on getting started and getting established as a group.

The panel of catchment leaders will answer your questions in a live e-forum.

More information coming soon.


  • Rick Burke, Project Parore
  • Anna Nelson, King Country River Care
  • Roger Dalrymple, Rangitikei Rivers Catchment Collective
  • Ben Ensor, Hurunui Landcare Group
  • Mark Adams, Upper Opihi/Opuha Catchment Group Chair and B+LNZ Environmental Reference Group Chair
  • Richard Parkes, B+LNZ Environment Capability Manager North Island
  • Peter Mitchell, North Otago Sustainable Land Management (NOSLaM)


Register in advance for this meeting at:


For more information or for Zoom assistance, please contact Rachel Jukes (B+LNZ): Rachel.Jukes@beeflambnz.com

Questions for catchment leaders?

If you have any questions for our catchment leaders, please send them to Rachel when registering.

Find out more about the B+LNZ Catchment Community Group Programme

With environment and potential regulatory changes big on farmers’ minds, B+LNZ understands the importance of catchment community groups (CCG) and the positive impacts they can have on farming communities. We have continued to significantly lift our support for catchment communities around the country through the B+LNZ Catchment Community Programme. The programme aims to support farmers in taking a leadership role to establish or run CCGs.

We offer you a range of resources to support your CCG including e-learning modules and a national catchment map that allows you to connect with other catchment community groups. 

If you are interested in forming a Catchment Community Group or want to find out more, visit https://beeflambnz.com/your-levies-work/community-catchment-group-programme