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Meet our team

How is the board made up?

Farmers elect six directors, one to represent each of the three electorates in the North Island and the three electorates in the South Island.

Terms are for three years, and elections are rotated.

Two directors are appointed from the meat industry and an independent director, as well as an associate director also sits on the board.


Our management team ensure everything we do as an organisation meets the needs of the farmers we represent.

Each B+LNZ region has its own farmer council whose members are elected by local sheep and beef farmers. You can register to vote by joining the B+LNZ electoral roll.

What do they do?

Each year our farmer councils work with our extension managers to develop a regional delivery plan, guiding our work in the regions by advising us on research investment and the most relevant events and workshops to run.

This puts the decision making with those who best understand local farmer needs – the farmers themselves. As a result, we deliver the tools and services that have the most value to you. Learn more about Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s Farmer Councils

National Farmer Council

The chairs and deputy chairs of regional farmer councils form the National Farmer Council. Find out who is on the National Farmer Council from your region below.

Andrew Morrison

Chairman and Farmer Director – Southern South Island

03 207 1856
027 6644 620

Martin Coup

Farmer Director – Northern North Island

scott gower

Scott Gower

Farmer Director – Western North Island

George Tatham

Farmer Director – Eastern North Island

Kate Acland

Kate Acland

Farmer Director – Northern South Island

Nicky Hyslop

Nicky Hyslop

Farmer Director – Central South Island

Alex Guilleux

Processor-Exporter Appointee

David Surveyor

David Surveyor

Processor-Exporter Appointee

Bayden Barber

Bayden Barber

Independent Director

Courtney Nimmo

Courtney Nimmo

Associate Director