Health and safety on farms post-earthquake

Earthquake 24 November 2016

The following downloadable PDF’s provide information for volunteers, organisers of volunteers and farmers as part of the Kaikoura Earthquake response and recovery.

Our suggestion is to use these as follows:

  • Understanding your responsibilities – this includes information for volunteers, organisers of volunteers and farm owners in regards to health and safety.
  • Checklist for organisers of volunteers – this can be used for organisers of volunteers who will use this checklist to brief volunteers over the phone to check a volunteer’s suitability for the role by informing of the specific health, safety and other issues around working in post-earthquake conditions.
  • Registration form for volunteers – organisers of volunteers can send this form electronically to volunteers or provide in a hard copy format for volunteers to complete and send back, signed (either physically or confirmed via email) to confirm they understand the specific health and safety and other issues around working in post-earthquake conditions. 
  • Checklist for farmers briefing volunteers – farm owners can use this on-farm when they are briefing volunteers on their arrival.
  • Volunteer Register – farm owners can use this on-farm for volunteers to fill out their information and to record a time in/out.
  • Working in an Earthquake Zone – this information was taken from the Civil Defence website and we have also included emergency help numbers on this document.
  • Emergency Response Card – a resource for farmers to have on hand in the event of another emergency.

Want volunteer help on your farm? Or want to volunteer to help a farmer? Call 0800 FARMING (327 646).

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