Farming for profit

farming for profit

B+LNZ's farming for profit programme is focused on what your community wants. It uses field days, seminars and workshops to address the issues that are most important to you and your neighbours.

How the farming for profit programme works

B+LNZ will develop a programme of activities around issues farmers identify as being critical in their region.

These may not always be on-farm projects, but they will always be linked to a section of the sheep and beef sector value chain.

Farming for profit programmes will share information and monitor the progress of a whole community rather than an individual farm.

The benefits

This programme will enable us to work harder on behalf of your community. It’s all about coming up with local solutions for local needs, so you have the practical tools you need to help you improve your farm business.


Get in touch

B+LNZ farming for profit locations and chairmen

Northern North Island

  • Far North – Alec Jack
  • Lower North – Andrew McKenzie
  • Bay of Plenty – Brian Thomas
  • Taumarunui – Warwick Street
  • Waitomo – Robyn Williamson
  • Waikato-Franklin – Gordon Vernon

Eastern North Island

  • Wairarapa – Richard Tosswill

Western North Island

  • Ruapehu – Ronald Frew
  • Taihape – Richard Chrystall

Northern South Island

  • Marlborough – Richard Gorman
  • Tasman – Jonny Harwood
  • North Canterbury – Henry Shield
  • Central Canterbury – Dene Noonan

Central South Island

  • South Canterbury – Dan Studholme
  • Central Otago – Rob McQueen
  • North & East Otago – Blair Smith

Southern South Island

  • Eastern Southland – David Clarke
  • Southland – Bob Anderson
  • West Otago – Bill McCall
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