Farmer focus groups

farmer focus groups

Farmer focus groups are where local action intersects with national interests. Beef + Lamb New Zealand provides financial support for farmer groups who are prepared to share their successes with farmers around the country.

How farmer focus groups work

Farmers in some parts of the country have formed groups to deal with opportunities or issues that may be specific to their region or a particular type of farm. These may include discussion groups, local trial groups or subject-specific activities.

We provide support for these groups where the outcomes and solutions developed can provide new information and ‘know how’ for other sheep and beef farmers.

The benefits

B+LNZ runs a wide range of on-farm and community projects to help you farm smarter. All our Project Farms aim to give you the practical tools to improve your farm business.

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Wherever you're farming in New Zealand, we have a regional team to support you and your local community.


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