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B+LNZ's Innovation Farm Programme helps farmers identify tools and practices that result in real financial improvements. (Innovation farms were formely known as demonstration farms.)

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Current and recent projects

Clover potential for North Island East Coast farms (new)

Optimal establishment method and seed mix
Hamish and Annabel Craw (Northern South Island)

Forage use in a high performance sheep system
Blair and Anna Nelson (Mid Northern North Island)

Intensive farming
Matthew and Lynley Wyeth (Eastern North Island)

Cultivating plantain on hill country 
Richard and Karen Scholefield (Eastern North Island)

Fodder beet cultivation
Scott and Paul Linklater (Western North Island)

Drones for mainstream farming
Neil and Philippa Gardyne

The true cost of facial eczema in beef cattle
Steve and Sandra Parrott

The triplet lamb opportunity 
Andrew and Gretchen Freeman

The cost effectiveness of wintering beef cattle indoors
Bevan and Tiffany McKnight

The potential of EID
Warren Ayers

Countering the cost of pugging
Grant and Christine West

Plantain as a risk management tool
Karen and William Oliver

Maximising lamb income by producing twins; optimising fodder beet use within their beef operation
Warren and Andrea Leslie

Pasture renovation and kikuyu management
Geff and Dinah Cookson

About innovation farms

The Innovation Farm Programme is aimed at farmers who want to help identify tools and practices that will result in real financial improvements.

It focuses on developing new knowledge innovation and delivers results that can be picked up by early adopters and high-performing farmers.

Innovation farms projects are likely to be technical in nature and involve unproven or new-to-market technologies.

Innovation farm projects look at a narrow category of farming activity, rather than taking a whole-farm approach.

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Improving pasture on uncultivable hill country. Craws' innovation farm, Banks Peninsula.
Forage use in a high performance sheep system. Nelsons' innovation farm, King Country.
Overview of four projects at Wyeths' demo farm, Wairarapa.
Sustainable beef production on hill country. Cooksons' demo farm, Kawakawa.
Reducing pugging damage. Wests' demo farm, Tangiteoria.
Beef Progeny Test: Scholefields' demo farm, Whangara.