Sheep genetics resources

Here you’ll find a wealth of sheep genetics resources. Beef + Lamb New Zealand also provides SIL, a performance recording and genetic evaluation tool for ram breeders and buyers.


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400 plus - a guide to improved lamb growth

Date published 1 November, 2010

This book shows how to achieve lamb growth of more than 400g a day, with a broad recipe for better lamb growth, as well as the science behind the management.

ID number 0-908768-96-6

Animal Welfare (Dogs) Code of Welfare

Date published 26 June, 2010

Code of welfare relating to dogs.

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Buying rams to improve flock profit

Date published 2 August, 2012

Overview of Beef + Lamb New Zealand SIL genetics tools and how they can help you buy rams that will improve the profitability of your flock.

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Central progeny test results 2014-15

Date published 27 July, 2015

The Beef + Lamb New Zealand Central Progeny Test can help sheep farmers identify the best genetics across sheep breeds. For farmers, this means valuable information for informing breeding stock selection.

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Hogget performance - unlocking the potential

Date published 1 February, 2012

This up-to-date resource edited by Professor Paul Kenyon will guide you through the ewe hogget breeding process.

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