Dry Management Resources

dry management toolkit

Practical advice and coping strategies for farmers who are dealing with - or facing the possibility of - extreme dry conditions.

Download a fact sheet:

Guidance on extreme dry management (PDF, 1MB)

Download the full toolkit:

Extreme Dry Management and Planning Toolkit (PDF, 2MB)

Download individual sections of the toolkit:

  • Supplementary feeding (PDF, 638KB): Alternative feed options, storage and water are all discussed in this section.
  • Animal health & welfare (PDF, 148KB)
: Good animal husbandry is always important on New Zealand farms but in extreme dry conditions it becomes even more of a priority.
  • Management hints (PDF, 837KB): Drought recovery strategies including the decision to ‘wait or mate’, fertiliser management, and managing your pasture when the drought breaks.
  • Meeting the challenges (PDF, 1MB)
: Tips on managing stress in challenging times, lessons from past droughts and advice on planning ahead before summer hits.

Coping with stress on farm – information and support

Rural Support:

Mental Health:


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